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Troubleshooting the Human Body

troubleshoot the human body.jpg

In functional or Einsteinian medicine, our body has an energy field or what some called it an "Aura" which exists around our body. When we are sick, one of the causes is that the Aura or the energy field of our body has been affected. The Human Energy Field consists of physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal. When we troubleshoot the body of the imbalance then we will be able to repair the Damage and Restore the Deficiency to balance it to good health. The point of Health, when the effective energy is assumiliated into the body to discharge toxicity to achieve a new balance. Healing takes place when the remedy frequency matches the ill state - a Resonant Energy Transfer to Patient's Bioenergetic System - Laser and clasical Acupuncture Tissue Therapy are able to achieve this "vibrational effect"

The Newtonian Vs Einsteinian Medicine

Newtonian Models of medicine thinking see Human Physiological & Psychological Behavior as Hardware of Brain & Body. The conventional medicine is based on the principal of Newtonian physics.

Einsteinian Model of Medicine is a New Field of Healing based on Einsteinian Paradiagm of Vibrational Medicine - (VM).

What is Newtonian Medicine?

It is a sophicated approach to disease intervention. It uses doses of drugs to influence the physical & cellular systems. It is a reliable prediction of Drug behavior, it eliminates certain side effects of Neutral Medicine. However, it is possible that some important energetic healing were left out.

What is Einstenian Medicine?

It is based on the concept of matter as energy. The healing is through maching the Remedy's Frequency with the ill state - a Resonant Energy Transfer to Patient's Bioenergetic System.